PAX – The tears of a fan…..

For whatever reason I woke this morning a bit early and with nothing really planned for this time I jumped online to find that PAX East was happening this weekend and was about to start in a few hours! I was excited and once again consumed with the idea of conventions and the infinite potential they give the socially awkward, like myself, to find and come together with others that are like minded and just as socially inept. Had I somehow gotten my hands on tickets when they were on sale I would have been there, but nope once again they sold on in a matter of hours, which brings up the first of many little things I find wrong with the current convention scene and its apart lack of wanting to change to make it more accessible for those who have less free time, and less in their pocket books. So once I got over the boohoo poor me I can’t go again, I got to talking with a friend about the whole thing and it makes me feel like they want to keep some sort of nostalgic small indie convention feeling, while having it compete with the likes of Comic Con (San Diego), and E3. The problem with that is you can’t have you cake and eat it too without giving a little.

Let’s get some background information before I just rant and come off like a total ass that is just jaded from never being able to attend PAX.

My first PAX was PAX Prime in 2009. My buddy and I were looking for something to go to since it had been a while since we had gone to CES or other type of convention. I can’t recall who found PAX but it was stumbled on and seemed to be they type of venue that we would both enjoy. Have no clue about the history of PAX, Penny Arcade or the community I jumped into the forum and joined a few community events to get a feeling of who attended the convention and to give me some way of meeting people that had been before. I attended the Pre-PAX Crawl, met some of the nicest people I have ever met and had an amazing time helping with the PAX Prank, I knew from there this was something I wanted to do again. So for the next two years I went to Prime two more times and went to east twice. I can comfortably safe I’m not a noob to PAX or conventions. I have nothing but love for PAX but, and this is a Sir-Mix-A-Lot size big but here, PAX you’re going to have to change, with the ever increasing popularity of video games, the rise of the geek culture from the basement of your Mom’s basement to the front lines of modern cult and society things that once where uncool to attend and like are now growing at exponential rates.

The idea that PAX wants to try and keep it as the convention for the gamer by the gamer is great and noble, but let’s be honest its grown too big for itself. This last year East sold out in a matter of an hour or so and Prime will likely do the same and once more crash the servers of the ticket sales client. The fact is that PAX needs to mature and change venues to some place that can handle the growth that’s happening. It’s great that the guys from Penny Arcade are keeping the show local but Seattle is not built of a convention of the size of PAX Prime now. As for East well Boston is a great location the convention area is lacking hotel space near the convention center, I’m sure if you have ever been to BCEC you will agree. If the city/industry builds up in the years to come around BCEC East will be fine, but Prime you’ve out grown you britches bro.

Ok so assume Prime gets moved, let’s talk about the positives and negatives.


– Negative –

Loss of local presents in Seattle

Loss of some of the nostalgic feels

Loss of access to some of the younger folks if moved to some states

Washington Convention Center as a very cool unique layout/feeling


– Positive –

Growth! – Changing the venue to some place like LA or Las Vegas would allow for exponential growth

Cheaper accommodation – Have a convention downtown in a large city makes staying close to the event cost, lots. Switching to say Las Vegas would allow for hotel costs to be halved if not more. Currently I priced 4 days for Prime at a close hotel and the bill was pushing 1500$. I booked a 4 day stay in Vegas for a convention AT the local for 500$ not to mention the layout of Vegas lends itself to big conventions.

More tickets – changing venues to a larger location would allow the ticket limites to be raised and allow for more convention goers. This would also allow for the potential of lowering ticket costs, making up for the cost in ticket sales.

Travel – Seattle wasn’t bad to travel to but Vegas being strictly a tourist area makes traveling there on the cheap a bit easier. Most airlines have deals on air fare.


The negatives might kill the “feeling” of PAX with a place like Las Vegas but at the same time there is no telling. I feel it would not kill the feeling but change it for the better in the long run. Yes you’re in a desert at the same time Vegas is still growing and plenty of conventions that happen there survive and thrive. The area has lots to offer and the fact that the costs imposed on convention goes has the potential to be affordable to the masses again is a huge upside. What’s the worst that might happen? PAX Las Vegas the one that was a one night stand. There is nothing to keep it there if it fails. I feel it stays where its at it will die, and it will not be a silent death.

No matter your view on the subject leave a commit lets at least talk about the possibility.





PAX 2011


Micro$soft Azure Good for the game?

With the ever evolving gaming market the introduction of cloud computing as a means to get the upper hand on the competition is not surprising. The option to offload complex physics and object calculations to a remote powerful server is a logical evolution of the gaming environment. Will it be a good thing, in the long run most likely. Will it be a good thing right now, I would have to say no.


At the moment network infrastructure of the internet in the USA is lacking and out dated. With a total of about 70% of households having broadband, internet speed of 3.5mbps down and 1mbps up with the reliability of these connections being questionable outside of major metropolitan areas, limits the potential usefulness of cloud based services. With no real information on the speeds needed on the client side for a reliable experience, it would be safe to assume it would similar to that of Sony’s Playstaion Now service that recommends a 5Mbps connection, meaning that if you stuck with limited ISP options and slower end speeds the service will not work well if at all.


Assuming internet speeds in the USA rise drastically in the next to to three years there is still one issue that has been blatantly obvious with the launch of the game Titanfall, which utilizes Microsoft Azure for its online features, stability. The game has suffered from several outages of the Azure service causing the game to not be playable. The push to use this on a large scale I feel is a bit premature. If rolled out in a large scale this might lead to mad consumers and a bad taste in the mouths of gamers for the idea of cloud gaming.


Really it comes down to a good idea coming a little too soon. If could computing is going to make it on the large scale internet speeds will need to improve, a bit more time in the oven will be needed for the server side and a slow roll out would be a safe idea.

Titanfall, why did you go there bro?

So like many people yesterday I picked up the big title release for the month of March, Titanfall, I picked it up for the PC as I feel its not going to be worth the price of a new system for the one game. There’s been little to no issues with the launch that I have experienced on the PC other then the longer then expected wait times at first to find match making that seem to have been fixed, like they claimed, last night.


Over all impression of the game so far is that its a solid shooter that brings a nice change to the genera but does not bring enough to make it worth the hype it has received. The idea/hype of the game being this large scale combat game I feel really fall flat, the maps often feel cramped, the layouts feel like clones of each other with different skinning. The visuals so far have not impressed, being based off the aging Source Engine I feel has a big part to do with this, they feel flat and dated. The fact you have games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 with there stunning graphics, large scale maps (BF4) and large player numbers only seems to dampen what Titanfall might have been if it where made with a modern game engine. Honestly I feel this shows the lack of raw power the “next-gen” consoles have in comparison the there PC counter parts, the fact that the choice was made to use this old engine then the fact that the system can’t preform where it should, come on Dev’s/Console makers, your going to have to step it up with a visual hungry audience.


As for ‘large’ scale combat Titanfall, and the gaming media, have seemed to forget about games like the Tribes series for large scale. The maps where massive, the players per match reached 120+ and the combat could last hours in an epic tug of war for flag captures or point control. It just bugs me to no end that PC games that have been out pacing consoles in the scale game seem to be forgotten about due to marketing and hype. Come on people we can do better!


I regress, the facts are Titanfall is a solid shooter that should be around for the next few years. It feels very much like the needed change to the shooter genre to break it free from the death-grip that was Call of Duty. Now if only they realize that not selling maps and expansions, but giving them away, will get them a much longer run for sales of there games and a much happier fan base.

Titanfail? Any one? No?


So after a few issues with getting Titanfall up and running on my PC, wrong beta code sent by EA/Server Issues, I can say the game plays much better then I would have imagined. The game play as you probably know consists of playing as a pilot then when the time has been reached or once you have gathered enough points you can call down a titan. It would seem that if one team was racking up score quick in the early game and calling it Titans it would be the end of a match, by I’m pleased to say its far from over if one side reaches calling in a titan first. Over all the action felt very fluid and well thought out, from wall jumps to ‘rodeoing’ a Titan (Jumping on its head and shooting the sh%t out of its “brain”), I feel like the action just doesn’t stop. I can honestly say I hope this game does very well, but I feel at the moment it is doomed to be a flash in the pan.

At the moment I have a little over 2 hours of game play on the beta and feel like I have played the game out. I’m sure as time goes and they add content the level cap will grow from 14 to much higher and the limited 5 or 6 guns will grow as well, but is that enough? It reminds me of when the last Gears of War came out, everyone I knew bought it and played non-stop for a couple of weeks. After that the game was well, played out. The limited maps, play styles and well lack of content just lost all its appeal and we all went out different ways. I have a feeling unless they have an ace up there sleeve, Titanfall is doomed to the same fate.

We will need to see some drastic changes to game play and additions I feel if this game is going to have a good run. Addition of maps, game types and weapons as free updates would be a very wise move in the right direction. In a world of pay to win and pay for just maps gamers don’t expect quality anymore they just want what they know, but I can say I for one am not that way and I know quite a few of my friends are the same. We expect more from the publishers such as was once common free updates and game content. This is the perfect game to go back to releasing maps and game types as just part of the normal update process and not as some “added” value bullsh@t.

But I digress, the fact of the matter is Titanfall does have a lot, and I mean A LOT of potential to be a giant in the history of gaming, I just feel that if the makers follow the major trends in gaming at the moment it will become like so many other games of this era and fall away quickly and quietly will no one really missing it.

Sony why you no spend money?



So the game Outlast released today for the PS4 and is free for PlayStation Plus members, as I am one of said members I was super excited to hear this! So I booted up ye’ old Netflix Play, aka Playstion 4 lets me honest here, and to dismay I found an error message while trying to access the Playstion Store. It seems with the combination of the system update they pushed yesterday and the interest in Outlast it has DDos’s the PSN, again…

With game launches being plauged with server issues becoming the norm this did not surprise me but also makes me very sad and very mad. For the life of me I can not figure out why these billion dollar companies are nickle and diming on network infrastructure when there latest and greatest products, not only gaming consoles mind you, rely heavily  on the internet and networks. The cost of servers is cheap now, the fact I can rent out a server for a few bucks a month or lease a fairly beefy dedicated server for under a hundred makes me mad that these companies are not sinking money into the growth of such a vital part of there products feature. What is it going to take? A mass movement of customers from your platform to say PC? Maybe a shareholders meeting that has some representatives that are a bit more of the gaming generation to yell at the CEO and CFO about how they are losing customers every time this happens. So far I feel the PS4 is a very solid platform for gaming BUT this type of thing makes me want to sell it and drop the money into a video card for my PC and leave consoles in the last decade. Its just crazy…..


Anyway if you read this and happen to know how to get a hold or Sony’s CEO or another gaming big wigs tell them to pull there heads out of there asses. They are killing there own products, and it makes me sad.

Don’t Starve Alone


With the ever increasing popularity of survival type games it remains a mystery to me WHY some dev’s are so opposed to the idea of some type of multi-player. One game that I love but hate the fact the dev’s have come out saying they are not oppose it but they have no plans to add it and feel its not needed on every game. (Don’t Starve Dev) I have to agree, kind of. Not ever game needs a multi-player function, many games I love don’t have it, Megaman & Zelda, but some types of games DO need it, shooters RTS’s and in my view survival. The idea of a lone survival game is interesting and kind of fun but in the larger picture of modern gaming outdated. The mood they are trying to establish does still have a valid appeal, but after a bit feels, well lonely. The effect I do appreciate, don’t get me wrong, but I would love the option to join in with a friend and try to survive with someone.

That being said Don’t Starve does have a mod out that allows for local multi-player that looks very interesting. The games use of a  procedurally generated world allows for the potential to still have a solo type feel to the game while adding the feeling of not being alone in the world. Not only that but with the added addition of another player, it adds the possibility of random fights, night raids on others, and a world of other fun things to happen. It would be great to just randomly burn down my buddies forest he’s planted around his camp, or dig up some of his grass just to replace it with some hay. If it where to ever be added officially I would say limit the player cap to no more then 3 players as more then that would ruin the feeling of the game. Personally I feel the addition of multi-player would not hurt Don’t Starve but help it greatly. The added attraction of multi-player would surely boost sales a bit.

Oh and just for good measure.


There is NO reason game dev’s, especially AAA ones, should be charging for DLC that adds game function. This would be things such as game types, maps and weapons. The idea that I have to pay 10$+ for 3 fucking maps on a shooter is just bat shit crazy, yes people to it and it nets the company a lot of money but in the long run its going to come bit you in the ass! The fact that Valve has learned a little and added the option for workshop for mods is, to me at least, a clear sign that modding is a natural part of the gaming world and that making mod’s and dlc free will yield a better return in total sales of the title. I have no issue with providing DLC at a cost but it should be things that are cosmetic and not game changing elements….
I’m going to leave now with a big FUCK YOU! to the people that decided it was cool to stop modding and adding maps for FPS as part of the normal patching process.


Blizzard I hate you now, 120$ total for Starcraft 2 (all 3 parts) are you people fucking high?!? What happened to expansion packs for 20$?!?!?!

Cross what now?

With the ever increasing number of games that rely on online multilayer functionality as a selling point it makes no scene to me that the idea and function of cross platform play from console to console (PS4/XB1) or console to PC has not been tried or implemented.

Know a bit about the back-end of game dev and server i understand that the current crop of games aren’t built to support it, and it would take some fair effort to make new games support this idea and what might they get out of this function as it seems games sell well enough as it stands.

Well im here to say they don’t sell as well as they could and that offering cross platform play would be a huge selling point.

As we see with the current console war going both sides are fairly matched when it comes to units sold and brand loyalty at these early stages is the only real driving point for ones choice of hardware. Whag might give one side or the other the edge? Cross platform play!

The option to buy your choice of console then play with your PC friend would convince people to buy games they otherwise might not. For example Titanfall, if i was able to pick it up for my pc and join in with my buddy on his xb1 I would buy it just for that fact, at the moment i have no plan to buy it.

It would open up lots of new opportunities for company’s to sell many more copies of there game just for the social play option.

So come on game devs and console makers give us cross play, and give it to us in 2014! We want to play on our choice of console due to controller, interface ect but we also want to play with friends that might like the competitions hardware or like there PC.

Do it!!!