Its Mario Time!

Its time I got back to half-assing a blog, not because anyone will read or has read this junk, but because I want to start a log of my journey into the “challenge” that I see come across my screen from time to time. No I will not be getting my self in shape or making some other life altering change, I will be doing something way less interesting and productive. Starting on the release of Mario Maker in North America, I set out a goal for myself, make and publish a new level everyday for a year.

I am happy to say it is day six and I haven’t given up yet! If anything every time I jump online and see the comments people have let it gives me joy!

So if you happened by from googling Mario Maker all you will find here is my log of levels with level codes to the current ones that are online.

As of now I do not have a capture card so I will have to figure out a way of taking pictures of the lever and video. If I can come by a cheap one hopefully I will be able to get caps rather then the crappy video/pictures from a cellphone that will be here for the moment.

Anyway feel free to comment with any ideas on levels and I would be more than happy to try and work them into a future level!

So here we go!


You’re dead to me; Over

Fuck, its 1:30am and I really should be trying to sleep but fuck it.

Well that’s it, you’ve finally won. I shall not buy another game that promotes or uses DLC as a gimmick to pander to the investors that seem to be taking over the gaming world.

In the past few years the rise of DLC and micro-trasactions have seeming gone uncheck. From extending the life of games on console by selling you a few new levels to the current norm or selling you content that has been blatantly ripped from the game so that the publishers can sell you some more ‘content’ down the road and show inverters and industry insiders that yes your game still has players and there still grinding the rat race because your games the ‘best’. Its not the fact that the gamer has only stayed to try and get a little glimpse at what the game might have been if it where release without DLC but release as a whole complete package, or the fact that you have patched out methods of speeding up the grind of your game. No no no, it has to be that your game and your DLC is the best, it has to…

Well guess what Devs and Publishers, this is bullshit!

I can’t be the only one around that feels shit on when I see DLC selling for the same fucking price or more than the base game. Example Evolve, yeah yeah yeah I know low handing fruit but its 1:30am and I can’t think so fuck you…

Evolve as a whole was super fun to play. Tight controls, fast paced game play, and very polished graphics, but 60$ for the game plus another 20$ for a season pass? Ok so if I get this season pass I main items from the upcoming DLC waves right? Such as playable charaters and maps, yes? No?! Well fuck me…. another 25$ season pass, well fuck that can’t be the norm right? Nope here comes Bungie, with the 20$ season pass for a few poorly strung together story missions and then another 40 fucking dollars for the next DLC drop!?

WHAT     THE     FUCK?!?!?!?!!!!!

I give you 80$, 20$ of which got me shit, and now your trying to sell me a 40$ dlc drop that you say has more content than the first 2 dlc drops combined? No way you mean it has like 4 levels and maybe a little story worked in, if its not a hassle of course…. Well FUCK YOU BUNGIE! I’m keeping my money this time. You can keep your fucking Destiny game and your Halo fan boy’s, cause im calling your bluff, I would have to guess this DLC drop will bring no more than 5 story missions with fuck all being added to the story and a raid, a raid in which you can not do match making because you know, its not like the consoles the game sells for don’t come with a mic or something…. Or the fact some people don’t liek trolling LFG’s or reddit to try and find a group to play with….

Fuck it next game that does this 60$ in DLC bullshit I’m selling what ever console I have for 50$ and buying myself a PlayBoy and some Vaseline. Then I can at least have something nice to look at and not have to take it in the ass raw.

To DRM, or not to DRM that is the question:

It seems anymore of you talk about video games with someone over the age 25 the issue of DRM will come up in some part of the conversation. Where its in the form of something like a Steam DRM wrapped game, server log-in system or a good old CD-Key the issue is one that has grown and change for better and worse.

I personally feel if done in the right manor DRM is not the death of video games and many people will preach. I know lots of people hate Steam and being locked into once they buy a game its is there’s and they can not sell, trade or borrow, but I feel there price points for sales of games coupled with the fact that they are not dropping games from there distribution and support system is a DRM system moving and growing in the right direction for a sustainable system. If Steam starts to remove older games from there distribution system then I will no longer behind them at all.


A DRM system that kills games and is bad for the industry are ones such as EA and a couple others have done with log-in systems that they drop support for a year or two after the game is released thus leaving you with one of two options, either never play the game again or go the illegal route and pirate a copy so you can play again. New Sim City in a year?


So what about services that do not DRM there games? I am behind them just as much as my Steam account. My GOG and Humble bundle grow every month as games come on the service and sales happen that put games I want at a point I can justify. I feel DRM free systems are a good idea but with the history of piracy with PC gaming there is going to be some sort of DRM system needed in some manor to try and curb the issue. The piracy issue will never really die on the PC that I am sure of, I also feel that you will get some people to move from pirating games to buy if you offer an easy simple system for buying games at good prices, such as Steam.


As for DRMing console games such as the Xbox One “was” going to do I feel WILL kill the console that does it. The pricing for console games is much higher then its PC counterpart as well as being generation locked for the most part, unlike most PC games. The fact I just bought Borderlands 2 and the season pass for 20$ on PC where the console versions are still about 50$ to get the same is a perfect example of the pricing gap that exists. I said was at the start of this because I feel Microsoft will in waves re-implement  the restrictions for used games and DRM’s as the console sales numbers hit certain goals, what these might be I have no idea but I would have to guess 5 to 10 mil console to reimplemented the minor and 20 mil for the more restrictive ones, This is all my own theory but we shall see if it Microsoft is smart in dropping them or not.

Anyway enough of ranting about DRM. Back to the Steam summer sale to spend the rest of my money that was going to go to moving!

Kickstarter Projects List Thing, Check it.

I’m just going to list off a few cool projects with links. It will be updated and made nice here in the coming days.

The TiltyIMU is a family of versatile open-source robotic controllers and software to allow anyone to build a self-balancing project.


This next one seems like a cool project but suffers from one of the worse videos I have seen in a while. Just check it out and read it.

Get Your Rocks Off With Houston

Explore the Earth and its amazing charms with master geologist and gemstone hunter Houston Wade.


Film/Art Project thing, check it.

9 Ways To Say It’s Over, a film and photography exhibition


Next up is a photography project with images captured from the back roads of America. From the promo video the total collection will be amazing! Go check it out and back it!

The Road to Know Where : America at 55 mph

A photo book documenting a cross-country road trip without using the interstate.


As I said before this list will be updated and made nice in the coming days so stay tuned!