About Well Shi#

Come drop by for your dose of shitty writing about video games, Kickstarter, Internet culture and what ever else I decided was worth a little time crapping out. For those format and grammar Nazi’s feel free to rant and rave about everything I have fucked up and I shall do my best to make sure I fuck it up better next time. I am not trying to push the culture of dumbing down that the internet freely and openly embraces at this point in time, in fact I hate it and this bullshit too texting acronyms <— What the fuck, how fucking important is your life that you have to save a few minutes in a year by shorting words and using fucktarted acronyms that make it seem like your a four year old? Come on! If your a Doctor, fine I can see saving time as a good cause but can you please consider the image you are portraying. I honestly would have to find a new Doctor if I mine did this texting acronym bullshit. At this rate I feel like I should start a church based on the movies of Mike Judge since it seems that they are almost prophetically predicting the current path of culture and civilization today. If you don’t who he is or what I’m talking about check out Idiocracy, you’ll have a good laugh then cry yourself to sleep because of the uncanny parallels, hospital and Costco…. You’ll know what I mean.

That, that is what you can expect to find on this blog. Don’t like it fine, go fuck yourself. Like it fine, you can still go fuck yourself.


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