Its Mario Time!

Its time I got back to half-assing a blog, not because anyone will read or has read this junk, but because I want to start a log of my journey into the “challenge” that I see come across my screen from time to time. No I will not be getting my self in shape or making some other life altering change, I will be doing something way less interesting and productive. Starting on the release of Mario Maker in North America, I set out a goal for myself, make and publish a new level everyday for a year.

I am happy to say it is day six and I haven’t given up yet! If anything every time I jump online and see the comments people have let it gives me joy!

So if you happened by from googling Mario Maker all you will find here is my log of levels with level codes to the current ones that are online.

As of now I do not have a capture card so I will have to figure out a way of taking pictures of the lever and video. If I can come by a cheap one hopefully I will be able to get caps rather then the crappy video/pictures from a cellphone that will be here for the moment.

Anyway feel free to comment with any ideas on levels and I would be more than happy to try and work them into a future level!

So here we go!


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