You’re dead to me; Over

Fuck, its 1:30am and I really should be trying to sleep but fuck it.

Well that’s it, you’ve finally won. I shall not buy another game that promotes or uses DLC as a gimmick to pander to the investors that seem to be taking over the gaming world.

In the past few years the rise of DLC and micro-trasactions have seeming gone uncheck. From extending the life of games on console by selling you a few new levels to the current norm or selling you content that has been blatantly ripped from the game so that the publishers can sell you some more ‘content’ down the road and show inverters and industry insiders that yes your game still has players and there still grinding the rat race because your games the ‘best’. Its not the fact that the gamer has only stayed to try and get a little glimpse at what the game might have been if it where release without DLC but release as a whole complete package, or the fact that you have patched out methods of speeding up the grind of your game. No no no, it has to be that your game and your DLC is the best, it has to…

Well guess what Devs and Publishers, this is bullshit!

I can’t be the only one around that feels shit on when I see DLC selling for the same fucking price or more than the base game. Example Evolve, yeah yeah yeah I know low handing fruit but its 1:30am and I can’t think so fuck you…

Evolve as a whole was super fun to play. Tight controls, fast paced game play, and very polished graphics, but 60$ for the game plus another 20$ for a season pass? Ok so if I get this season pass I main items from the upcoming DLC waves right? Such as playable charaters and maps, yes? No?! Well fuck me…. another 25$ season pass, well fuck that can’t be the norm right? Nope here comes Bungie, with the 20$ season pass for a few poorly strung together story missions and then another 40 fucking dollars for the next DLC drop!?

WHAT     THE     FUCK?!?!?!?!!!!!

I give you 80$, 20$ of which got me shit, and now your trying to sell me a 40$ dlc drop that you say has more content than the first 2 dlc drops combined? No way you mean it has like 4 levels and maybe a little story worked in, if its not a hassle of course…. Well FUCK YOU BUNGIE! I’m keeping my money this time. You can keep your fucking Destiny game and your Halo fan boy’s, cause im calling your bluff, I would have to guess this DLC drop will bring no more than 5 story missions with fuck all being added to the story and a raid, a raid in which you can not do match making because you know, its not like the consoles the game sells for don’t come with a mic or something…. Or the fact some people don’t liek trolling LFG’s or reddit to try and find a group to play with….

Fuck it next game that does this 60$ in DLC bullshit I’m selling what ever console I have for 50$ and buying myself a PlayBoy and some Vaseline. Then I can at least have something nice to look at and not have to take it in the ass raw.