Google Maps

So I have been getting back into the habit of driving around to a new place several times a week. I, like many, jump onto Google Maps to get an idea of where today’s adventure might lead. I tend to use the map in the default state as it gives me an idea of if the area will be desert and what the mountains might be like. Then once I have picked a rough idea of where I want to go I check the street view to see what’s there. I had yet to find anything interesting like most people, lots of cars, empty road and the occasional blurred face of a passer by. Today though, I stuck gold? I dropped the street view guy and was met with a stripped screen. You can check it out here, or at the link below.

Not sure where it might be other then corrupted pictures maybe but it made my day to find something other then the norm on Google Maps today 😀,-113.75846,3a,75y,124.65h,179t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sTtIeXksEePwZaPknHNyiHw!2e0


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