Don’t Starve Alone


With the ever increasing popularity of survival type games it remains a mystery to me WHY some dev’s are so opposed to the idea of some type of multi-player. One game that I love but hate the fact the dev’s have come out saying they are not oppose it but they have no plans to add it and feel its not needed on every game. (Don’t Starve Dev) I have to agree, kind of. Not ever game needs a multi-player function, many games I love don’t have it, Megaman & Zelda, but some types of games DO need it, shooters RTS’s and in my view survival. The idea of a lone survival game is interesting and kind of fun but in the larger picture of modern gaming outdated. The mood they are trying to establish does still have a valid appeal, but after a bit feels, well lonely. The effect I do appreciate, don’t get me wrong, but I would love the option to join in with a friend and try to survive with someone.

That being said Don’t Starve does have a mod out that allows for local multi-player that looks very interesting. The games use of a  procedurally generated world allows for the potential to still have a solo type feel to the game while adding the feeling of not being alone in the world. Not only that but with the added addition of another player, it adds the possibility of random fights, night raids on others, and a world of other fun things to happen. It would be great to just randomly burn down my buddies forest he’s planted around his camp, or dig up some of his grass just to replace it with some hay. If it where to ever be added officially I would say limit the player cap to no more then 3 players as more then that would ruin the feeling of the game. Personally I feel the addition of multi-player would not hurt Don’t Starve but help it greatly. The added attraction of multi-player would surely boost sales a bit.

Oh and just for good measure.


There is NO reason game dev’s, especially AAA ones, should be charging for DLC that adds game function. This would be things such as game types, maps and weapons. The idea that I have to pay 10$+ for 3 fucking maps on a shooter is just bat shit crazy, yes people to it and it nets the company a lot of money but in the long run its going to come bit you in the ass! The fact that Valve has learned a little and added the option for workshop for mods is, to me at least, a clear sign that modding is a natural part of the gaming world and that making mod’s and dlc free will yield a better return in total sales of the title. I have no issue with providing DLC at a cost but it should be things that are cosmetic and not game changing elements….
I’m going to leave now with a big FUCK YOU! to the people that decided it was cool to stop modding and adding maps for FPS as part of the normal patching process.


Blizzard I hate you now, 120$ total for Starcraft 2 (all 3 parts) are you people fucking high?!? What happened to expansion packs for 20$?!?!?!


One thought on “Don’t Starve Alone

  1. Although I find the idea of multi player options for Don’t Starve interesting, I also think the point is that you are completely alone. It would be fun to have a multi player function to kill time with friends, but the main open world feels great the way it is. It’s survival of yourself against the world generated, not against other players.

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