Half-Life Live Action?!

Ok so why has this not been funded yet?

Half-Life Live Action Film – The Freeman Chronicles


‘The Freeman Chronicles’ is a series based on the Half-Life video game. Chariotdrive and Infectious Designer – creators of numerous fan films based in the Half-Life universe – join forces to create it.


Don’t Starve Alone


With the ever increasing popularity of survival type games it remains a mystery to me WHY some dev’s are so opposed to the idea of some type of multi-player. One game that I love but hate the fact the dev’s have come out saying they are not oppose it but they have no plans to add it and feel its not needed on every game. (Don’t Starve Dev) I have to agree, kind of. Not ever game needs a multi-player function, many games I love don’t have it, Megaman & Zelda, but some types of games DO need it, shooters RTS’s and in my view survival. The idea of a lone survival game is interesting and kind of fun but in the larger picture of modern gaming outdated. The mood they are trying to establish does still have a valid appeal, but after a bit feels, well lonely. The effect I do appreciate, don’t get me wrong, but I would love the option to join in with a friend and try to survive with someone.

That being said Don’t Starve does have a mod out that allows for local multi-player that looks very interesting. The games use of a  procedurally generated world allows for the potential to still have a solo type feel to the game while adding the feeling of not being alone in the world. Not only that but with the added addition of another player, it adds the possibility of random fights, night raids on others, and a world of other fun things to happen. It would be great to just randomly burn down my buddies forest he’s planted around his camp, or dig up some of his grass just to replace it with some hay. If it where to ever be added officially I would say limit the player cap to no more then 3 players as more then that would ruin the feeling of the game. Personally I feel the addition of multi-player would not hurt Don’t Starve but help it greatly. The added attraction of multi-player would surely boost sales a bit.

Oh and just for good measure.


There is NO reason game dev’s, especially AAA ones, should be charging for DLC that adds game function. This would be things such as game types, maps and weapons. The idea that I have to pay 10$+ for 3 fucking maps on a shooter is just bat shit crazy, yes people to it and it nets the company a lot of money but in the long run its going to come bit you in the ass! The fact that Valve has learned a little and added the option for workshop for mods is, to me at least, a clear sign that modding is a natural part of the gaming world and that making mod’s and dlc free will yield a better return in total sales of the title. I have no issue with providing DLC at a cost but it should be things that are cosmetic and not game changing elements….
I’m going to leave now with a big FUCK YOU! to the people that decided it was cool to stop modding and adding maps for FPS as part of the normal patching process.


Blizzard I hate you now, 120$ total for Starcraft 2 (all 3 parts) are you people fucking high?!? What happened to expansion packs for 20$?!?!?!

Cross what now?

With the ever increasing number of games that rely on online multilayer functionality as a selling point it makes no scene to me that the idea and function of cross platform play from console to console (PS4/XB1) or console to PC has not been tried or implemented.

Know a bit about the back-end of game dev and server i understand that the current crop of games aren’t built to support it, and it would take some fair effort to make new games support this idea and what might they get out of this function as it seems games sell well enough as it stands.

Well im here to say they don’t sell as well as they could and that offering cross platform play would be a huge selling point.

As we see with the current console war going both sides are fairly matched when it comes to units sold and brand loyalty at these early stages is the only real driving point for ones choice of hardware. Whag might give one side or the other the edge? Cross platform play!

The option to buy your choice of console then play with your PC friend would convince people to buy games they otherwise might not. For example Titanfall, if i was able to pick it up for my pc and join in with my buddy on his xb1 I would buy it just for that fact, at the moment i have no plan to buy it.

It would open up lots of new opportunities for company’s to sell many more copies of there game just for the social play option.

So come on game devs and console makers give us cross play, and give it to us in 2014! We want to play on our choice of console due to controller, interface ect but we also want to play with friends that might like the competitions hardware or like there PC.

Do it!!!

Gifs, and Loops, and Mash-ups, Oh My!

After two weeks of not having a job, working on getting unemployment going and retyping my resume I figured it was time for a break and since I have all the time in the world at the moment I figured I would indulge myself in some internet shim-shimmery!

First target Video

I’ve been tinkering around with video production for the last 15 years or so but never really did much other then a few things for family reunions and other ‘Super’ fun events. So I figured it was time for me to play around a bit, stretch my legs and try my hand at animated gif’s, looping video sections and some general mash-up stuff.


Amazing T-Rex Illusion!

Miley Cyrus

Video Loop

Epic Violin Guy

Epic Violin Guy

Video Mash-Ups are taking a bit longer then I thought so they will not be out yet, but the ARE coming!


Valve Corporation & DOTA 2

This is an open letter to Valve with regards to their Steam Marketplace service and how it has become another form of economy that is killing the games it services.

Dear Valve,

I have been an avid fan of your companies work for nearly two decades now and it pains me to see you losing touch with making great things for the sake of the all might dollar. The introduction of Steam service back in the early 2000’s was seen by many as a bad thing for the gaming industry, but I liked to defend it as the feature. It allowed for a centralized location for access games from where ever I might be without the need to lug around several CD cases worth of game discs. It also in recent years, with Greenlight, allowed for smaller companies to produce games and offer it to a large market at a relatively low cost. Overall it’s a great service that works well.

The thing I have a MAJOR issue with is how the Market Place is being abused and creating a whole sub-category of player on your service. Now don’t get me wrong I like the Market Place in concept but in how it is currently managed and works….. Let’s just say I would guess that there are at least several thousand if not hundreds of thousands of accounts on Steam that are nothing but farming accounts. Yes this looks good for your service to have these accounts active and running but its doing more harm than good.

How might this be a bad thing? Well for one it makes selling an item on the Market useless unless you are a trader or a farmer. Say I get a handful of gear from playing DOTA 2 for 60 hours. Now I don’t want the items I got for character ‘X’ so I decide to sell it. So I jump over to the market to price check and find the price that might have been say enough for a Team Fortress 2 key about $2.50, has been pushed down to about 10 cents due to the farmers over saturating the Market. Yes I’m going to sell it for the 10 cents and move on but it’s frustrating as it feels like the Market SHOULD be a place sell in game items to buffer the cost of micro-transactions to make getting gear reasonable and not a venture in spending $300+ on a “free” game. In its current state the Market is a mixture of real people selling things to try and fund there Steam Wallets and people trading to get REAL money.

Now we get to one of the real issues with the Market, the use of items as a form of digital currency that IS being traded for cold hard cash. This might not sound like a bad thing but considering the issues recently with Bitcoins and illegal activities its only time before some scandal pops up with Steam and its Market Place at the center of it. No, I don’t see people at the moment trading Earbuds for say drugs and a hit man but the point is that its a Market, much like Bitcoins, that is not totally traceable and controllable. Hell there’s even sites that track TF2 items much in the same way goods are tracked on a Commodities Exchange. I’m saying if it ever happened it would be a huge blow for Valve, and an even bigger hit to the community as it would surly effect Steam and potentially take it out of play as a service. If Steam did get shutdown as a service I know personally I would be out at least $500 probably more.

Ok, ok enough of the hypothetical drug trade made possible by the Market Place and on to the real reason that got me ranting, the damn farm accounts.

So there I was having fun day playing DOTA 2 off and on while I got things done around the house. It was a mixed day of wins and losses but fun overall. Then it happened, I join a game with a couple of Russians. Don’t get me wrong I no issue with Russians, it just seems that’s where most of the Farmers live, and as it turned out my fears of a bad game where not unfounded. Forty-five minutes of my life late the battle of trying to turn an obvious farming game into a fun game was over and I was pissed to say the least. It seems like the more I play when it’s not a Saturday or Friday night the more I run into farmers.

If you’re not familiar with the term, farming in video games typically refers to the act of repeating an action, mission or function of a game to gain in game items. Many of today’s large games has this happening in one way or another the issue arises when it effect the game play of others. In the case of Dota 2 where it’s a team based battle this results in teammates looking to end the game in the fastest way possible, most of the time by letting the opposing team kill them at a rate in which helps move the game to a faster end. By doing this or other methods it leaves the rest of the team at a huge disadvantage by taking away a possible ally and by aiding the opposing teams experience and gold. Thus killing any chance for a fair or fun game.

Here’s a typical farming account check list of the Steam Profile

Account – 1 Year or less

Games – 2 to 4 Owned (Typically Dota 2 and another FTP like TF2)

Hours played – 1000+

Comments – +Rep, Good Trader, Ect…

Most of the time its accounts from Russia, Ukraine, and South America.

If Valve wishes to allow farming that’s fine but let it be said if the practice becomes worse, as it has been, the legit player base will go away, if it hasn’t already started to.

Oh and Valve please please PLEASE add a Russian server for the real players form Russia so they can play with other Russian speaking people. I have played with some very good players from there but it’s hard since I have no clue what they are saying. It’s kind of sh#t that they have to play EU and US servers since they don’t have their own. The game has to be making enough to though a few servers in a data center somewhere in Russia.

So I guess to sum up this rant I will leave with this.



Valve FIX YO’ SHIT! I’m mad bro.

Sincerely Mad Bro Player,




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