Paying Rent, like a boss

So I was driving home from work yesterday thinking of the things I needed to get done this weekend when I remembered I had to pay rent. This would normally just be a time of bitching to myself, thinking of how money goes away so quick but I had recently moved in with a buddy and now only owed about a forth of what I was paying. So I figured I might as well have fun with it as my new landlord, my buddy, has a good sense of humor and I might as well start out with some fun at a new place to live.

So as I got closer to town an idea popped into my head, why not pay rent with 1$ bills! Cash is cash and if he got pissed I could also take it back to the bank the next day and exchange it for large bills or write a check. To make sure it wasn’t too dickish I called up a good friend and asked her opinion, it was an instant yes to the plan. So I got to the bank and it was also like Christmas Day, I got in line at the bank and anxiously awaited for my turn with a teller. When I got there I requested 200$ in 1$ bills and one 20$ bill. The look on the tellers face was something of a mix between confused and one questioning if I was going to a strip club. She went over to the other teller to get the 1’s and when she got back I told her of the plan as I just couldn’t keep it to myself. Her reaction ” You’re not going to get kick out for this are you?” I told her it wouldn’t be an issue, and thanked her for her time. As I walked out of the bank I thought, I need a rubber band, so I walked next door to the local hardware store where both my roommate and I had both worked and met. I told a few old co-workers of the plans and it was met with laughter and smiles. I got a rubber band and rolled the ones together and put the 20 on the outside to make the appearance of a roll of 20’s. When I was walking out it dawned on me they still use paper bags there so I grabbed one and tossed the roll in a bag and headed home.

Al I could think on the drive home was drive safe, and legal, if a cop sees a roll of money like that its likely a reason for him to search my car. I don’t have anything illegal in my car, I just was too excited to get home and unleash the roll on my roommate. I got home with no issue and as I was walking up to the door had to stop once or twice to try and stop grinning and laughing. I walked inside and found him in his room playing a video game. I told him I had rent for him and handed him the paper bag. He opened the bag looked inside and instantly started laughing. He pulled it out and said “best rent ever”, this was fallowed by him placing the roll on his night stand and sending a picture to his girlfriend, it was laughed about the rest of the day. The next morning while he was getting ready to head to work it was called the “Baller” money.

I have to say it couldn’t have gone better! 🙂

Here’s the roll, I didn’t think to take pictures in the bag or just the 1$ bills 😦



Month later and….

So its been over a month now since I last rambled at the internet and its about time I do so again.

In gaming news the reversal of about every announcement of Microsoft about the Xbox One is not a blatant statement of doing dumb things with the new console but its the next closest thing. Honestly the last move they MUST make before launch will be to have two options at launch, one with a Kinect and one without. The possible price drop would entice many PS4 pre-orders to drop and change, mine might be one of those to be honest,

I love some of the titles coming to the PS4 but the little faith I have with Sony’s ability to fix there fu#ked up online chat/party system might drive me to jump ship for Microsoft… I feel dirty admitting that….

Anyway short of that happening the PS4 I have a feeling with be an amazing system if they keep the titles coming for it as well as working on the addition of a few more exclusives for the system. Maybe a few good side scrollers and adventure games in the tune of Space Quest point and click type?

Last game thing

Nintendo why do you hate your fans so???? 😦 Give us games and you will get more console sales!!! I have at least 5 friends that are wanting to buy a Wii U but have no reason, give them a reason and give me a reason to keep it!!!!!!

Kickstarter thing to check!

I backed the Lace Anchors 2.0 by this guy and I have to say it is AMAZING! The simple design, the great functionality, there is nothing to hate about it. If you are looking for a simple wallet this might be for you!

Strapp Wallets – The UN-minimal wallet. Stay connected.

“The ultra lightweight “strapped” wallet for people that do more than just sit around!”

Strapp Wallet