Note to self, insect repellent is not optional….

So after a year of procrastination I’m finally trying my hand at night sky (astral?) photography. I would have to put it right after timelapse/hyperlapse for my favorite type of photograph. The amazing work of Tom Lowe (TimeScapes) makes me feel wander as if i where a child again, from the way it puts the universe into perspective to the infant beauty of a star filled night put into motion. I could ramble on and on about how amazing it is, but back to the buzzing noise of the first mistake u made while trying my hand at this art form.

So on with the story.

As i was saying i have always wanted to try this type of photography but just never got around to it so today i charged my DSRL’s battery, read a few quick tips and headed out to one of the local lakes just before sun set. Since this was not my first photo exploration at this location and had a good idea of the shot i wanted i didn’t leave too much scouting time. Once at the location i setup my gear and scoped out the shot and setup, the part i thought was going to be hard finished in no time, but i was dead wrong on the hard parts, those had yet to come.

So after about 15 minutes waiting for the sun to set i realized my first mistake, bringing nothing to do to pass the time waiting for the light to go down and waiting for the exposure to be taken… ugh this was going to be a long night….

So after about 45 minutes of waiting the light finally started to fade off so i figured it was time to snap a quick test and see how things looked. As i got out of my car i was ambushed by what must have been about a thousand mosquitoes. As i made my way to my gear it hit me, i really should have used bug spray, mistake number two. So after test and finding out there was still too much light i quickly made my way back to my car only to be welcomed by a nice buzzing sound by what must have been my new best friends, all 100+ of them.

So as i repeated this process testing and retreating i found out mistake three, well more of an issue brought on by lack of gear then a mistake, i had no way of doing an exposure greater then 30 seconds with out manually holding down the shutter button. So the quest continued on for a few more house until my limited gear could no longer handle the ever growing darkness. So i packed up my camera, tossed my tripod in the back seat, rolled down my windows and drove home in hopes my new friends might find there way out of my car and back home sooner then later.

Here is what i came up with from my first attempt into night photography




As you might have noticed there is a huge issue with noise. The body I am currently working with, the Nikon D3000, does not like low light at all. These where shot with an ISO of 800 and the camera still struggled to make an image out of the more then ample light. I am hoping to switch to a dx format body, and drop the fx format as it seems the full sensor cameras do a way better job in low light.

Anyway thanks for reading my rant!

Here are a few Kickstarter Projects to check out!

So first off is a project that combines Fire and Video games. Its one of many projects running currently to try and help fund installations at the Burning Man 2013 event. It looks kind of interesting and combines two great things.

Charcade – Burning Man 2013

“We’re building an arcade and it’s rather non-traditional. (Translation: We’re building the CHARCADE and ALL THE GAMES SPEW FIRE)”



Next we have a cool spin on the 3D printer movement, a small portable 3D printer that has a cool design and great build quality. The Bukito looks like it should be able to print out any 3D thing you can imagine and you can tote it ar0und so you can build a project even if your not at home!

Bukito Portable 3D Printer – Take it everywhere!

“A sturdy, fast and portable 3D Printer that you can take everywhere. Where will you take your Bukito?”



Last up is an idea that really does not need to be made….

The CelGo is a simple suction cup arm to hold your cell within arms reach while you are driving. The maker is implying that its “safe” because the phone will not be right in front of your face, instead it will be just down from your field of view thus making you look away from the road if you check something on it. It seems when you drive around anymore about 1 in 13 cars you pass has a driver on the phone, checking a phone, or doing something with a phone. We don’t need more things to put phones in front of drivers… On the other hand it does look handy for say a Satellite receiver or stand alone GPS unit, anyway check it out.

CelGo: Flexible Hands-Free Cell Phone Holder For Your Car

“CelGo mounts your cell phone in your car where you want it; easy to see & reach without blocking your driving vision. Made in the USA!”

(Am I  the only one tired of everything getting pointless labels like hands free?)




Kickstarter Projects List Thing, Check it.

I’m just going to list off a few cool projects with links. It will be updated and made nice here in the coming days.

The TiltyIMU is a family of versatile open-source robotic controllers and software to allow anyone to build a self-balancing project.


This next one seems like a cool project but suffers from one of the worse videos I have seen in a while. Just check it out and read it.

Get Your Rocks Off With Houston

Explore the Earth and its amazing charms with master geologist and gemstone hunter Houston Wade.


Film/Art Project thing, check it.

9 Ways To Say It’s Over, a film and photography exhibition


Next up is a photography project with images captured from the back roads of America. From the promo video the total collection will be amazing! Go check it out and back it!

The Road to Know Where : America at 55 mph

A photo book documenting a cross-country road trip without using the interstate.


As I said before this list will be updated and made nice in the coming days so stay tuned!

Microsoft, why you want to fail bro?

While slacking at work once more i read an IGN artical about how its not going to come with a headset unlike the 360 and Original Xbox.


The reason your online community did so well compared to the PSN was because EVERYONE had a headset… It may not seem like a bug deal but when you think about it the cost of an Xbox One being 500$ plus another say 30$ or a headset means your now going to be spending around 600$ out the door with out a game or almost 700$ with one game. Combine that with the fact a lot of the causal gamers won’t pickup a headset right off the bat and the alternative will be the Kinect as a mic, well let me just say if you have ever, I mean ever, played with someone using a Kinect as a mic you know its the biggest joke out there. I don’t know about you but I love hearing whats happening in the kitchen, as long as I can get some of that mailed to me that is.

But yeah no mic shipping with the PS3 has been a big downside since the launch. Its a pain never knowing if someone is going to have a mic on a strategy game. All I can say is that I feel its  a bad move and using a Kinect is NOT an alternative to even a shitty headset let alone a decent one.

Kickstarter time!


Go check out KR 17 its a side scrolling platformer that looks like MegaMan, R.O.B. , and some version of a Metroid game had sex. The art styling is what you would expect form a through back game of today, reminiscent of great 16 bit side scrollers but with the advantage of hardware that won’t lag when you go crazy shooting.  Its has a great sound track that reminds me of  he good ol’ times of shareware and windows 3.11. If only they had a demo up so you could experience what I am sure will be a great game.






E3 Super Great or Super Meh?

So after having the least productive week at work ever, aside from the week vacation I had a month ago, E3 is over and what might there be to show to rant and rave about, well not that much.

After following a few of the big gaming news places and the coverage all I took away from the week was the following things.

1) Sony did a nut shot to Microsoft with pricing and used games.

2) No one is sure if Nintendo’s move was great planning or just an admission to not having shit done. ( I think it was a good move)

3) Microsoft doesn’t care that you don’t have internet and told you to fuck off.

4) Games EVERYONE knew where going to be coming out got confirmed.

So if you’re a hardcore game what does this mean for you?

If you love Microsoft get the Internet, NOW!

if you love Sony its same as always, new hardware same principal

If you love Nintendo, you know the drill the games will come, next year.

Other then that it seems to have been the same old song and dance, show trailers, lots of trailers, give you dates for release in times of the year not dates, and show more trailers.

And now for some Kickstarter goodness!

First off is a project with a name that’s a bit long in the tooth. Its a super cool idea and product for any maker.

The fastest filament extrusion Bot, makes ABS/PLA in color.


“The ExtrusionBot is the worlds fastest home built automatic filament extrusion Bot that can make color in ABS and PLA @ up to 4ft / min”

And this next one if for well everyone anymore. A great new design for a simple household item that keeps everyone’s favorite tech gadget powered up.

POWERQUBE – The 21st Century solution to the power strip


“We have revolutionized the traditional power strip with the POWERQUBE. The POWERQUBE is the 21st century solution for everyone.”

WHA? PS4? Used games on PS4! WooHoo!

So yeah the PS4 looks kind of like well the Xbox One, what?!? Really? So it seems that design is out squares, cubes, and rectangles are in. Thanks Apple!

I ❤ simple shapes!

Now if the next gen consoles come with a shiny red balloon I might mess my own pants.

But yeah it looks like the PS4 press thing is wrapping up to a point so lets see what I got out of it.


399$!!! Yeah both Xbox One Pre-orders just got canceled

PS4 FTW Used games 4 life! No online for disk games!


New inFamous to be fair I have been a huge fan-boy of the game series from the first time I stole my brothers PS3 to try it.

Knack – It looks like it could be a very cool hack and slash puzzle game

Um yeah another racing game woo…..

Some stuff about indie games, this might be cool we shall see how it works out for them. The whole push about not restricting indie guys that publish to the PS store unlike Live or the “PC?” Well the PC part I do not at all agree with. Has Sony missed the thing called Kickstarter? I think they might have.

Parts I haven’t seen in the thing so far, a price? Where is a price?! Well tbh if the price is about 400$ to 500$ and preorders open up tonight yeah, I will have it on order.

And here are a couple Kickstarter projects to check out.

First off is a cool backpack type thing that has modern style,  quality, and a killer name Man-PACK 2.0 The 2.0 gives that name the kick.

Man-PACK “Classic 2.0”

“This vertical sling style messenger bag is durable, stylish,and utilitarian. Get your Man-PACK on!”


Second is a simple jewelry design in the feeling of Steam-Punk/Robot stuff meets minimalist.


“A line of quirky, robot-inspired jewelry in a variety of metals and finishes.”


Work or E3 news?

So far the news coming from E3 seems to be a lot of new games are coming! That is if you give a shi# about shooters still…

I’m not going to lie yes the shooters look shinny, but will they be more then just a bunch of clones of shooters past? Im going to go out on a limb here and say yes. Oh yeah and they will get rave reviews from the big game sites as per protical but be nothing more then updated crap in a bag games.

Oh the Xbox One is priced too, 500$ for a console… its a bit high but fuck it for drm’d games, i said fuck it and pre-ordered 2! No joke, i did pre-order 2, come on microsoft fan boys give me your mommy money on ebay!

Hmm other then that lets see how the ps4 press confrence goes. Im hoping for a 300$ish price point.

Trolling on a Sunday

SO nothing really to rant about but I was doing some trolling on Kickstarter and found a couple of cool projects. Go check them out!

BubblePod – Professional 360º images in less than a minute.

“The BubblePod makes it simple to create perfect 360º images for work or play. Great for landscapes, real estate, tourism and much more.”


Yaupon Asi Tea: Grown in America, Naturally Caffeinated!

“Yaupon Asi Tea, the ancient herbal tea of Florida, has been lost for more than a century. Will you rediscover Yaupon Tea?”


The Fusion Wallet

“The Fusion Wallet – A beautiful CNC Machined wallet, Designed to be the perfect fusion of style and function.”


iCoil = no more tangled headphone cords

“A simple cord winding solution for everyday use.”


And for honorable mention for the most Meh project of the day!

A fun shirt for all us nerds!

“A funny idea that came about while teaching a basic networking class. Let everyone around you know you are a nerd and proud of it!”


Doing a binary joke is always a hit or miss thing, you either get it or you don’t. I’m not referring to understanding the binary part but making a joke while using something like binary is hard to pull off and well this just doesn’t cut it.

Other then that E3 starts tomorrow! Woo!! We shall see what the big three have in store for us this year. I have my fingers crossed form a new Smash game and news that the PS4 is NOT following Microsoft with the mostly always online, and restricting used game crap.